Chelsea vs Eintracht

Chelsea vs Eintracht: With a spot in the top-four of the Premier League wrapped up, Chelsea now shifts its focus toward reaching the Europa League final. The Blues host Eintracht Frankfurt on Thursday in the second leg of the semifinals, aiming to build on the 1-1 draw from the first leg.

Eintracht vs Chelsea

Chelsea: A 0-0 draw will be enough for the Blues to move on, while a 1-1 draw will force extra time. But if there is a draw with multiple goals for either team, the Blues would be on their way out. They are still the favorite in this second leg but have to be cautious about a team in Eintracht that is known for scoring early.

Eintracht: This team is forced to score, or it will be out of the competition. Being more aggressive in attack will be needed and if Chelsea scores one, it’s not a big deal because it doesn’t really change the fact that they need to find the net. Expect them to go for more balls over the top against an inconsistent Chelsea defense.

Eden Hazard starts in the second leg and scores twice as the Blues move on to the final. Chelsea is in a fine position to advance but has to be cautious at the back to avoid an upset against a powerful attack.

Here’s how you can watch the match and what to know

In the FA Cup, they call it the “Magic” of the Cup. In NCAA basketball, they call it March “Madness”. I’m not sure what they call it over at UEFA, but whatever sorcery’s going on in the Champions League these days cannot be explained just by the usual “anything can happen in single-elimination tournaments” cliche.

To be clear, it’s definitely something wicked that’s at work as we’re faced with the daunting task of watching a Champions League final between Liverpool and Spurs. But hopefully all its energies have now been spent, and we can enjoy a straightforward second-leg win over Eintracht Frankfurt after last week’s 1-1 away first leg draw.

On a personal note, in addition to the football drama/tragedies this week, I’ve had two (TWO!) cars break down on me in the span of 12 hours, got swamped at work due to unreasonable deadlines, and I was also told that I tore my ACL and will need surgery and a year of rehab … and that’s all before we’ve even gotten to Thursday, which, as we know, is the worst day.

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